Available Orchestration Descriptions


Standard Acoustic Jazz Trio — Piano, Bass and Drums  Guest vocalist(s) optional

Big Band

Standard Big Band instrumentation — Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones (3tnr, 1 bs), 5 Saxes (2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 baritone — flute and clarinet doubles, bass clarinet double on baritone).  Percussion (mallets and toys) optional.  2 horns optional.  Guest vocalist(s) optional.

Chamber Pops

There is nothing particularly standard about this, but it is used for more pop oriented programming.  Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tenor Sax (flute and clarinet doubles), Baritone Sax (flute and bass clarinet doubles), 3 violins, 1 cello.  Percussion (mallets, timpani and toys) and harp optional.  Guest vocalist(s) optional.

Studio Orchestra

Standard Big Band (above) plus:  2 horns, percussion (mallets, timpani and toys), harp, 8 violins (minimum), 2 violi (min.), 2 celli (min.)  Guest vocalist(s) optional.

Symphony Pops Orchestra 

Standard Symphony Pops — Full Strings, Full Brass, Woodwinds in 3s, Timpani, 2-3 Percussion, Rhythm Bass, Guitar, Drum Set, Optional Saxophone Section (2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 baritone).  Guest vocalist(s) optional.

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