Club Music Clips

Some clips specifically for restaurants and nightclubs

Solo Piano – Elegant 1 (Love Walked In)

Solo Piano – Elegant 2 (Why Did I Choose You?)

Solo Piano – Jazzy 1 (They Can’t Take That Away From Me)

Solo Piano – Jazzy 2 (Bluesette)

Piano Trio/Quartet – Elegant 1 (East Of The Sun)

Piano Trio/Quartet – Elegant 2 (The Shadow of Your Smile)

Piano Trio – Jazzy 1 (Ow!)

Piano Trio – Jazzy 2 (Tin-Tin Deo)

Organ Duo/Trio  1 (Summer Samba)

Organ Duo/Trio 2 (All)

Solo Accordion 1 (Emily)

Jazz/Cocktail Accordion 1 (Almost Like Being In Love)

Jazz/Cocktail Accordion 2 (Manha de Carnival)