Ed Vodicka has been called a true “renaissance” musician. Pianist, arranger, conductor, composer, orchestrator, music producer, music director and performer are just a few of the “hats” that Ed has donned throughout his career. And, he has made his mark as one of the most sought-after musicians by some of the music industry’s top artists and performers.  The LA Times’ Don Heckman described Ed’s performance as “. . . a potent blend of pianistic articulateness and brisk, swinging accompaniment . . .” and critic and jazz author Scott Yanow describes Ed as ” . . . one of the finest jazz pianists currently in the Los Angeles area.”

Equally at home conducting a symphony orchestra or a big band, arranging and producing albums in studio, performing with a jazz trio, creating an electronic MIDI score, or performing on the B-3 organ, theater pipe organ or accordion, Ed has proven his creative talents and expertise in almost every genre of music, including jazz, classical, country, rock and pop.

Based in both Los Angeles and New York, Ed hails originally from Chicago, where he learned and polished his craft an an early age under the tutelage of some of that city’s “old-school” masters.  Ed enjoys the variety of creative opportunities available to him in L.A. and NY, and continues to play, write, produce, conduct and record in every arena of the music industry.  In addition to his concert touring throughout the United States either with his trio or as a guest with orchestras, he is a regular in the Hollywood studio scene, performing on soundtracks including the Christopher Walken remake of “Willard,” the Jack Nicholson — Diane Keaton film “Something’s Gotta Give,” “Ice Age 4” and an on-camera cameo in the Emilio Estevez — Demi Moore film “Bobby.”

Ed has also put his talents as a composer/arranger to use in projects ranging from documentary films for the Sundance Film Festival to music for the HBO series “Fat Actress” as well as appearing on-camera in several episodes, including the series finale of “Boston Legal.”

Ed and his trio were featured in-concert in November of both 2004 and 2005 at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, accompanying legendary jazz vocalist Bill Henderson. Both November 2005 concerts were sold-out, as were their three concerts at New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. The recording of the 2004 concert “Bill Henderson –Live at the Kennedy Center” was released and remained on the national jazz airplay charts for over 6 weeks. In addition to his popularly acclaimed cd “Portfolio,” Ed has several new recordings being prepared for release in 2015.