Jingles and Industrials

From out of the archives, take a listen to some of Ed’s classic jingles from the early to mid 1980s.

Jingle Montage

If There Was No McDonalds

Pert Shampoo (Rugby)

Betty Crocker (Sweet Talker)

Whirlpool (Diamond Jim)

Betty Crocker (Cathy Can’t Wait)

Kellogg’s (Walter Cronkite — I Want To Be Kellogg’s Cornflake)

And, also from the 1980’s, here are a few of the many “Business Theater” or “Industrial” soundtracks Ed composed, arranged and produced.

Industrial Montage

Lowrey “Sound Moves”

A.O. Smith “Yes You Can”

Quick Rotan “Assembly Line”

Borden’s-Wyler’s “Awareness Tonight”

Tappan Microwave “Far More For ’84”

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